Integrated AI Solutions
Securing Air, Land and Sea

by security and AI experts, for governments, industry leaders, small and medium enterprises

We take your security system to the next level

Our solutions align with what already exists in your infrastructure
and our AI allows you to control everything without any human intervention
local ⟷ global
Local AI and hardware analyse,
act and collect field informations
Icon cycle
Global AI gathers new knowledge
then redistribute it to all the local AIs

We can provide everything you need
to control your borders from A to Z

We build and manage our own software and hardware. Our expert
consulting services can help you install it and manage it to achieve your goals

To make it all possible,
SquadBotik consist of 3 main divisions :

  • Engine
  • IOT
  • Portal
  • R&D
  • Application Set up
  • Support
  • Architecture
  • Hardware Integration

Activating Realtime Strategic Response to Security Threats Powered by "AI Security"

Ai solution

→ adapts to your processes and infrastructure

→ automatically detects, analyzes and responds to threats

→ optimizes values of resources


Ground security

Our solution enables your organization to create a central intelligence head office with AI skills, communication with each detection point, and cloning capacities avoiding "loss of computing".

→ reliability

Coastal security

Our autonomous surveillance solutions create a network of standard and thermal camera balloons/drones, reducing the margin of error and triggering immediate tactical support (in case of intrusion).

→ swiss quality

Custom security

SquadBotik delivers an impenetrable, full automated grid that works 24/7
with little or no human supervision, drastically increasing the success rate
for threat detection and identification of contraband.

→ efficiency
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squadbotik's partners

Our partners

squadbotik's history & team

Who we are

→ AI Technology. Unbeatable Hardware. Swiss Precision.

Thanks to 18.000 labor-days of R&D, 15 years of software development, and more than 25 years of experience in the field of security, we have developed a unique off-the-shelf IOT sensor technology operating in a matrix model in which each point is a detection and communication system (cameras, drones, radars, etc) acting independently to capture data in real-time, all part of a single AI central office; this means that our clients have total control of the security environment, with instant reporting, proactive analysis, and forecasting, effectively measuring performance and anticipating any security threats.
We deliver an easy-to-implement, simple-to-use solution covering 3 major business areas: Ground Security, Customs Security, and Coastal Security. Our model relies on theSwiss quality of our products, our strategic partnerships, the extensive experience of our squad, our knowledge of private and government sectors, and the implementation of innovative and value-added solutions placing the strategic security of our clients at the core of the analytical process.

Le Concept Manual  → AITEK by Intertech Venture, version 5.2 - 23/12/2021 - 79 pages, est disponible ici.Il reprend tous les concepts créés et développés par Bruno Ciroussel durant ses 18ans de R&D.

→ our executive squad
Bruno Ciroussel
Soraya Meftah
Steve Cummings
CFO/Adv. board
Bernard Mettrier
General Manager
Jean Durand
SquadBotik App (SBK Suit)
Walid Benkilani
SquadBotik Services
Diego Farias
Sonya Labassi
Admin Support
→ our directors
Bruno Ciroussel
Marie de Faria
Kym Schnarrenberger
Tal Schnibler
Laura Febo
→ our advisors
Helen Gache
Advisory Board President
Gerry Sklavounos
Frederic Bossard
John Allan
Andrei Maslov
Prof. Nikos Passas Advisor